Yuri Martins Quadruples All-in for SCOOP $10,300

Especially Martins’ salary for the month of the online series is 1,000 hours. On Thursday afternoon, an afternoon filled with good options, the ace attempted to make his mark in the most expensive tournament on the SCOOP list: Event #62-H ($10,300 Thursday Stimulus High Roller Prog. KO), but did not succeed. There were three entries and the end of the queue was ordered before the end of the late registration.

The first one called “theNERDguy” was eliminated from the stop. At a table played with big names including Felipe Ketzer, Yuri was in a good position to take the bounty but met “LuckPROF” at the top. The sticking point of the stalemate was “Gogac Sniper”‘s stack in the small blind, just 0.2 blinds behind.

With the table eyeing his $2,500 bounty, Pascal Lefrancois raised to 2.5 blinds. “LuckPROF” was the chip leader at the table and had just called from a hijack. Yuri pressed a button, and the action was completed. The 9Tales player had AQ and was trying to get the blinds down to 8.7. “Gogac Sniper” finished with his 0.2, while Lefrancois moved all-in for a total of 29.7.

So “LuckPROF” threw his 150+ blind pile into the middle of the table and took Yuri Martins to the door. The Parana native still had a comfortable stack at 76.5 blinds, but he continued to execute. However, the matchup was abysmal, as “LuckPROF” immediately showed AA. He managed to hang on and landed a triple bounty.

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  • This text discusses the unsuccessful attempt by Yuri Martins, a professional poker player, to make his mark in a high-stakes online tournament. Despite having a comfortable stack of chips, Martins was eliminated by LuckPROF who had a stronger hand and went on to win the bounty.

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    The text seems to be discussing a poker tournament and the actions and outcomes of various players. It provides specific details about the players and their strategies during the game.

  • This text describes the unsuccessful attempt of an ace poker player named Yuri Martins to make his mark in an expensive online poker tournament. Despite being in a good position, Yuri was eliminated by another player who had a much stronger hand.

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