Who played Barbero’s tee with his ICM suit?

Who played Barbero's tee with his ICM suit?

It all started with an interview with Nacho Barbero as the current world number one with -Ranking voice and authority. So, his “ICM is for the poor” spread all over the place until it reached unexpected places.

We are not referring to remote areas like West Medog or Cape York And the concept was directly on a professional’s t-shirt, which he held at a tournament. We suggested a little game based on the cover image, but it’s probably easy to guess: the protagonist is none other than Andres Korn, WSOP bracelet winner.

Cacho’s humor is clearly in line with Nacho’s (at least until he admits otherwise), from the above comment from the best player of the day, which is part of Nacho’s Twitter post.

I will be making t-shirts https://t.co/6BmA​paBST

— Clayton Fletcher (@claytoncomic) 2023 May 6th

The first post about this was by gamer Clayton Fletcher who Wrote that he will make a T-shirt with this inscription. The next day, Barbero himself replied: “You should.”

It looked like the thread had died, but ten days later Santiago García Mancilla, aka Santi Jota, one of the authors of Cuentos de Poker, then reveals: “Andrés @Choki70 already has one!”, accompanied by a big laugh The emojis and photos illustrating it this chronicle.

Finally, when Cohen himself posted a picture of him wearing the T-shirt on the same network, the virtuous and fun cycle was finally completed.

Who played Barbero's tee with his ICM suit?

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