The final two games of the main event will be played in Vallarta

The final two games of the main event will be play...

With Winclub Platinum Vallarta approaching a crucial stage, this Friday’s event offers a last option to qualify for a large guaranteed prize pool.

Winclub Casino is home to the festival and offers a very attractive program with tournaments running until Sunday, May 21, The prize pool is more than 4 million pesos.

This Friday is currently the first day of the Main EventDay 1E and will be 3:00pm local time 00 start, Buy – from MXN6 .000. Starting stacks are 50,000 points, late registration up to level 12, 30 and 40 minute blinds.

Later, Day 1F Turbo starts at 21:oo, 15 minutes blind, late registration to level 10 . All prize pools amount to 3 million Mexican Pesos.

For those players who enjoy the excitement of cash games, the Cash Festival will be held on the same date offering competition. You can find all the information on the Festival Website as well as on the Official Fabebook Page where you will find all the details and structure

The final two games of the main event will be play...

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  • Hank.rosenbaum

    I think this text is promoting an upcoming event at Winclub Platinum Vallarta, offering a chance for participants to qualify for a large prize pool. It also mentions the option of cash games for those who prefer that type of competition.

  • The text presents an upcoming event called Winclub Platinum Vallarta that offers participants a chance to qualify for a large prize pool. The event includes main tournament days, a cash festival, and provides detailed information on the festival’s website and official Facebook page.

  • The text provides information about the upcoming Winclub Platinum Vallarta event, including the available tournaments and cash games with attractive prize pools. It emphasizes the urgency for participants to qualify in order to have a chance at the large guaranteed prize pool.

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