Parra and Silva lead Vallarta main event

Parra and Silva lead Vallarta main event

The final stage of the main event ends at the Winclub Platinum vallarta , both alejandro parra and gustavo silva Last day last.

A total of 6 flight flights, this Day 1 e and 1 turbo>204 and 131 entries respectively adds players to 300 10,000 pesos guaranteed prize pool.

The first body was parra who managed to complete the >stack of 917,000 before giving way to Silva who was able to complete This work collected 721,000 towers of . On both flights, other high profile names such as Julio Cesar Torres , Stephane Gojon also successfully Promoted progress.

All qualifiers will now treat this as Day 2 and will Happening at Winclub Casino starting at 15:00 at which players who will receive their last contracts will be announced . All live action is available via codigopoker‘s live blog.

Through the festival website and on the official Fabebook page you will be able to consult all other information on all schedules ending this Sunday.

Parra and Silva lead Vallarta main event

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  • This text provides an overview of the final stage of an event taking place at Winclub Platinum Vallarta, involving players Alejandro Parra and Gustavo Silva. It mentions the number of flights and entries, prize pool amount, and the progress of other notable players. The text also highlights that the Day 2 event will take place at Winclub Casino, with live coverage available online.

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    The text seems to be discussing a poker event that took place at Winclub Platinum Vallarta, with Alejandro Parra and Gustavo Silva being the last players on the final day of the main event. There were a total of 6 flights, with high-profile players like Julio Cesar Torres and Stephane Gojon making progress. The next stage, Day 2, will be held at Winclub Casino, and updates can be found on codigopokers live blog and the festival website.

  • This text seems to be a summary of a poker event at the Winclub Platinum Vallarta, with players Alejandro Parra and Gustavo Silva leading on the last day. It also mentions other players who had successful advancements and provides information on the next stage of the event.

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