New scam hits Nevada casinos

New scam hits Nevada casinos

Nevada Gaming Control Board has warned Las Vegas casinos of scams targeting so-called “property cages.” So far, at least $1.7 million has reportedly been stolen, and in a manner not unique to the aforementioned states.

The “cage” is where all money is kept and where casino patrons go to buy chips or exchange chips for cash. Often, people would think that it would be impossible for employees in this field to cheat because of how difficult it is to cheat in a casino, but that clearly isn’t the case.

The rogue uses deception to get the staff in the cage to act deceitfully. Pretending to be a casino manager to make an emergency payment. Cage staff are sometimes illegally contacted through the internal phone system to add authenticity to the request. Or send personal messages directly to your phone.

How the Scam Works

As explained by the board, cage scams are very sophisticated and have proven to be very effective at defrauding casinos. Object Receives information about senior casino owners, employees, managers and others involved in casino monetary transactions.

The scammer then uses a different scenario to contact the cage staff to manipulate the staff out of fear of negative consequences for the staff and/or casino operations.

Whenever staff hesitated or refused to take immediate action, claimed the subject was extremely urgent to pay offsite. In addition, it was concluded that the employee received a bonus due to the inconvenience of the unorthodox deployment.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is also working closely with law enforcement agencies such as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to investigate and apprehend those involved in the fraud.

Willie Allison, founder of the World Gaming Protection Congress, believes that these crimes may be linked to organized crime and that employees should be protected from scare tactics.

New scam hits Nevada casinos


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    This text describes a warning from the Nevada Gaming Control Board about sophisticated scams targeting Las Vegas casinos’ property cages, resulting in the theft of at least $1.7 million. The scams involve deceiving cage staff into making fraudulent payments through impersonation and manipulation tactics. Efforts are being made by authorities to investigate and apprehend the fraudsters, and experts believe organized crime may be involved.

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