Nacho Barbero Enters Day 2 of Exclusive Luxon Invitational

Nacho Barbero Enters Day 2 of Exclusive Luxon Invi...

Nacho Barbero, the man of the day, enters Day 2 of the Luxon Invitational strong>The Triton Series in Cyprus, a race where only war is possible You must be invited by a merchant and pay an entrance fee of $200,000 to enter.

The Argentinian was introduced by Eddie Ke Ti Invited Tran, a famous businessmen and amateur millers, often playing high-stakes tournaments.

With 525,000 Chips (105 BBs) The Americas Cardroom Pro Team advanced on day one and is 14th out of 55 players remaining out of 70 entrants so far. Leading the charge is Indian Santhosh Suvarna, who recently won a trophy in the series. Philip Sternheimer with 761,000 people and Kiat Lee (705,000) Top 3 completed.

Biggest purchase of my life, day 2 100 BBS or 200,000 invites!! Let’s go!!! Day 2 of the 200k Invitational let’s go all out I have 100 BBS 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!@ACR_POKER

— Jose Ignacio Barbero (@nacho_barbero) May 19, 2023

There is another Latino in the qualifiers: Brazilian businessman Ernildo Santos, he reached 431,000 in chips and ranked 23rd on the list.

The format of the tournament is that each selected merchant ( Casual players) invite pros to sign up, creating a realm that mixes both worlds The Brazilian invited the Brit Stephen Chidwick. This is the full chip count.

2022, also held in Cyprus, attracts 115 entrants for a $23 million prize pool, including Sam Grafton $5.5 million after Emerging Champions, the second-biggest live poker prize awarded last year, behind WSOP Main Event winner Espen Jostad.

Nacho Barbero Enters Day 2 of Exclusive Luxon Invi...

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