Francisco Benitez: ‘I lived my dream through poker’

Francisco Benitez: 'I lived my dream through poker...

Hand to Hand is back, with CodigoPoker the usual cycle of interviews shared with the great exponents of the mind sport, fleet personalities we follow day in and day out, personally and a virtual wipe, this time we’re bringing them closer to everyone through screens and microphones. It was Francisco Benitez live for an hour.

The 32-year-old Uruguayan visited us in Vienna, where he was with his friend Nacho Barbero, caused quite a stir in London Triton. charrĂșa is leaving but prefers to stay in the Austrian online game.

But he will be packing again as he heads to Ibiza for a week on holiday before heading to Barcelona for the EPT where he picked up his shovel last year. Because he is also striking in his current robes.

Cocktails consisted of friends and old he emphasized in poker. “I really enjoy traveling, seeing new places and new things, opening up and sharing with friends. It’s one of the best things in life.”

Benitez also talked about a punch card incident with Chance Kornuth at the WSOP

As a kid, he played other cardsto pursue his fantasies and goals; in the end, he filled them with aces, kings, and queens. “When I was 12, it was a teenager’s dream to play Magic all over the world, live with the game, and travel, but I couldn’t make it through Magic and ended up doing it with poker,” he said. explain.

In this article we delve into the life of the man nicknamed Tomatee, VapaCooler, and today he is just FranBenitez91 of 4Poker, the place he represents, and as such Recommended software for its accessibility. By the way, he gave us 10 tickets to a $44 tournament on Sunday in the above room. All you have to do is write an article on Twitter and watch our interviews on YouTube and Twitch. You can also do this on Instagram by following the post’s instructions.

Francisco Benitez: 'I lived my dream through poker...

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