Farías Wins Melincué $150,000 High Roller Championship in Melincué

Farías Wins Melincué $150,000 High Roller Champion...

After four days of competition, Ezequiel Farias is the overall winner of the Melincué Casino & Casino. The Resort 150K High Roller was played last week at one of the top venues in the area.

With a $150,000 buy-in tournament 59 entrants have signed up and the top seven will share $7,560,000 bonus. The response from the contestants was overwhelming and the level of competition was so high that it took a day longer than originally planned to choose the champion.

Finally, after the original three days, the five finalists returned. The final definition was set, with Farias being crowned champion and taking home the trophy, along with a huge prize of $2,500,000, while Uriel Crucianelli finished second, 1,660.000$ Received. Gustavo Oietto took the podium for $1,209,000.

150K High Roller – Melincue Casino & Resort

Buy-in: $150,000Entries: 59 (including 12 re-entries) Pot: 7,560 $ .000

Final Score

1° Ezequiel Farias – $2,500,0002° Uriel Crucianelli – $1,660,0003° Gustavo Oyeto – $1,209,0004° Patricio Sanchez – $831,0005° Esteban Rosales – $530,0006° Cesar Barlain – $450,0007° Fernando Búsico – $380,000

Melincué Casino & 150K High Roller Final Table Resort.

Farías Wins Melincué $150,000 High Roller Champion...

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