Exclusive: Rodrigo Seiji lands 3-hand deal in Event #56-H

Rodrigo Seiji starts after knocking out Yuri Marti...

Lo Drigo Seiji scored another impressive result at SCOOP. The unstoppable 9Tales player shared the final table of Event #56-H ($3,150 High Roller, Single Reentry) with friend Yuri Martins and negotiated a favorable 3-hand deal. In the end, he was the first to be eliminated after the settlement and won the bronze medal.

Seiji was selected from a field of 113 entrants to take home a prize pool of $63,578. At the flush, he was second in chips behind leader Chris Rudolph, “WATnlos”. Yuri Martins was eliminated by Seiji himself, a hand that proved crucial in “seijistar’s” journey to the final table. theNERDguy finished seventh and took home $14,648.

The battle between the two is actually more ruthless. Seiji raised with KK at the cutoff and Martins moved all-in for about 21 big blinds at 99. When he had the bigger stack, all Seiji had to do was call and hit the K on the turn to end his friend’s hopes on 9Tales. He quickly took the lead after beating AK’s AQ opponent.

The 3-hand deal netted Rudolph $65,700 and “ContraSpemSper0” $49,691. You still have to play for $3,000 and the SCOOP trophy. In the first hand, Seiji had 61 big blinds and made a small raise with AJp. Rudolph didn’t want to stay in the tournament and went all in with T5 for more chips. The Ukrainian also called with 15 blinds and AQ.

Rudolph eliminated Seiji, but watched “ContraSpemSper0”. “WATnlos” suggested going all out, but his opponent was keen to fight for the trophy. His persistence paid off, and he prevailed over the impatient Germans.

Rodrigo Seiji starts after knocking out Yuri Marti...

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  • This text seems to be discussing a poker tournament where Lo Drigo Seiji performed well and reached the final table. He made a deal and ultimately won the bronze medal, while his friend Yuri Martins was eliminated by Seiji. The text also mentions the battle between Seiji and Chris Rudolph, with Rudolph ultimately winning the tournament.

  • Mitchell.schroeder

    The text discusses Lo Drigo Seiji’s performance at SCOOP, where he achieved an impressive result and won the bronze medal. Seiji made a crucial move that eliminated his friend, Yuri Martins, which helped him secure a place at the final table.

  • This text highlights the impressive performance of Lo Drigo Seiji at the SCOOP event, where he made it to the final table and ultimately won the bronze medal. Seiji’s strategic play and key eliminations, including that of friend Yuri Martins, contributed to his success in the tournament.

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