Dodô Oliveira Wins KSOP GGPoker Daily Single Reentry Championship

Dodô Oliveira Wins Senior Stage Daily Single Reent...

As the days pass, new KSOP GGPoker Premium champions will be revealed in the Sheraton Hotel Ballroom, and this Sunday (06) a very strong name that has already made history on the circuit is one of them. Jonathan Oliveira, better known as “Dodô”, is the one-time daily re-entry champion.

The Santa Catarina pro defied 58 entrants registered for the 1,000 real tournament to take home the beautiful championship trophy. As a result, Dodô Oliveira received a massive prize of R$ 13,850.

As the ranking champion and the owner of multiple trophies on the track, he made no secret of his joy at further adding to his winning streak: “This is me” I am very happy that KSOP has won again, allowing me to have Feels like home, doesn’t it? Another championship trophy, I am very happy. said the champ.

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Dodo takes part in almost all Tournament, and always focused on the pursuit of success. He qualified for the KSOP GGPoker Premium Main Event Day 2 and Mystery Progressive KO Day 2, and found some time to get into the turbo of the evening:

” It’s all about continuing to play. I really am. “I’m going to do my best. I tried once in the main event and passed, I tried again in the mystery and passed the first try, I got the second of two days. That night I There’s still time to get into this little turbo, still excited. I’m happy to win again at KSOP and we’ll keep going,” he said.

The final table included the likes of Marllon Pinto and Márcio Goulart, with Carlos Camargo, Jario Gottardo, Marden Mendonça and Philipe Vieira giving Dodô an easy win and going into the final with one of the biggest stacks.

“It’s actually the FT’s semi-finals.” Very good, I made the cut with a lot of chips. Then I managed to build a good stack and made it to the final table in second place. I did what I had to do, knocked out three or four opponents, played my game, and everything went well. I have my cards and can win the title. ’ concluded Dodô Oliveira.

Check out the final table prize pool:

1. – Dodô Oliveira – R$ 13,850

2. – Felipe Vieira – R$9,250

3. – Marden Mendonça – 6,700 reals

4. – Jário Gottardo – R$5,080

5. Place – Carlos Camargo – R$ 3,950

Sixth Place – Márcio Goulat – R$ 3,050

Seventh Place – Marllon Pinto – R$ 2,200

Dodô Oliveira Wins Senior Stage Daily Single Reent...


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    The text is a news report about Jonathan Oliveira, also known as Dodô, winning the KSOP GGPoker Premium tournament and receiving a prize of R$ 13,850. Dodô expresses his happiness and determination to continue playing and winning in future tournaments.

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