Bryn Kenney threatens to reclaim all-time money list at FT Luxon Pay Invitational

Bryn Kenney threatens to reclaim all-time money li...

The Luxon Pay Invitational for the Triton Poker Series in London already has a finalist.

Nine candidates, including not just the only Spaniard who reached the final The protagonist of this competition is Adrian Mateos, who has experienced After a complex first day of competition, fought honestly and fought his way up the overall standings by a paltry 13 spots before being eliminated at 42nd.

Sign up Players in the tournament who were eliminated the previous day had the opportunity to buy more chips than Amadi had at the start of the day and added 3 chips at the last minute. One of them, Robert Frink, will make it to tonight’s final after helping boost tournament prize money to $29.5 million, and has doubled his investment take back.

There are only two non-seven-figure awards left to be awarded. One of them is likely to end up in the hands of Norway’s Kayhan Mokri, who is defending 8BB, while none of the others are below 25BB.

Most surprising is Chris Moneymaker, who made his first Triton appearance with $40,000 in the Mystey Bounty and is now playing his first on the High Roller Tour Two games. The father of the modern poker industry has won the equivalent of a tournament entry in just one season since his 2011 Main Event win, and that number already surpasses the $680,000 he’s earned today. His win in the 2003 Main Event earned him a $2,500,000 prize pool, which he could match or surpass if he finished in the top four of that tournament.

Above the leaderboard is Talal Shakerchi, who achieved the biggest win of his career as winner of the Triton Series Main Event in Vietnam in March, leading the Yu Mateos et al.

More important is undoubtedly the presence of Bryn Kenney in the second place. He and Justin Bonomo presided over some of the most epic battles in world poker, earning $35 million each in live tournaments during the 2018 and 2019 seasons, while swapping top spots on the tournament all-time money list multiple times.

Kenny hasn’t netted $1 million in any other season since the pandemic hit, and Bonomo has only had an empty 2020. This is what makes the difference. The cash balance between the two increased to $4,000,000 in favor of “ZeeJustin”.

Suddenly, Bryn was faced with no longer having to win the race, an achievement worth $6,860,000, but even defending his current second place would mean a possible $4,650,000 bonus.

The live broadcast of the final will be carried out through various digital platforms. At 3:00 PM, it will reappear on your monitor with the map.

Bryn Kenney threatens to reclaim all-time money li...


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