Bonus 5 – VIP 4 at the final table of the Luxon Pay Invitational. Spanish players no longer receive awards

Bonus 5 – VIP 4 at the final table of the Luxon Pa...

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Cyprus Triton Poker Series $200,000 Luxon Pay Invitational is unique in form and spirit. It is the very personal creation of Paul Phua and Richard Yong, conceived and organized as a private party in the private rooms of the world’s most luxurious clubs.

We understand that this is a freeze, but on the first day, when the VIPS and their guests played separately, we saw the first buybacks. I thought I saw delayed registrations being extended to start day 2, but a re-examination of the structure shows two levels of profit, helping to achieve 86 registrations, far more than the promised demo race Matchmaking on the official website was limited prior to the start, making the second edition almost as good as the first in terms of relevance and prizes. The winner will earn $4,560,000 and Luxon Pay will once again be on the podium for the tournament of the year.

Late registrations saw Sergio Streich outplay Aido, who retired twice before settling at 57. Place was eventually eliminated from the tournament.

Adrian Mateos, who started off visibly tight, doubling up and losing pots so his balance turned positive, entered the TV table with 29 big blinds. The cameras brought him luck, and after some tricky hands he earned an all-in advantage against Justin Bonomo.

Unfortunately for him, the repaint put him back on the outside table, the magic of the TV was gone, and there, we missed his 40-game knockout. .

The most expensive bubble of 2023 advertised so far by the Triton series came a day before the decision between the two players on the elimination list. Stephen Chidwick and Linus Loeliger gave themselves extra breather before buy-backs, and it felt worse for the Britons .

Punnat Punsri, did just that, facing BEn Heath’s AQ he put himself in danger of getting out with KKs and took the hand with pocket Kings , with his newer stack all-in against Chidwick’s 9bbb, left behind in case another table moved all-in as well. The doomed Stephen pushed his remaining chips into the middle of the low table, only to find his KJ overtaken by Punsri’s KQ.

Loeliger is the first to lose cash, with Anson Ewe, Philip Sternheimer and Orpen Kisacikoglu still having time to follow.

The elimination of three VIPs from the FT bubble gave the pros a slight lead today. This will be five pairs of four VIPs.

Today’s $100,000 Main Event is the penultimate of the scheduled events in the NLHE format – es will offer a $50,000 Turbo Set to be played in tomorrow’s Main Event Elimination – planned

Bonus 5 – VIP 4 at the final table of the Luxon Pa...

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  • This text discusses the Shaw The Cyprus Triton Poker Series, highlighting its unique format and luxurious setting. It mentions notable players and events, such as Sergio Streich outplaying Aido and Adrian Mateos’ performance at the TV table. The text also mentions the most expensive bubble of 2023 and the upcoming $100,000 Main Event in the NLHE format.

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    This text is a description of the Shaw The Cyprus Triton Poker Series $200,000 Luxon Pay Invitational tournament. It highlights the unique and luxurious nature of the event, along with some notable moments and players. The writer also mentions the upcoming $100,000 Main Event.

  • This text appears to be an overview of the Shaw The Cyprus Triton Poker Series $200,000 Luxon Pay Invitational tournament, highlighting notable moments and players. It emphasizes the exclusivity and luxury of the event while mentioning key outcomes and developments.

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