BMW N73 wins High Roller and Winamax Primetime to secure online double

BMW N73 wins High Roller and Winamax Primetime to...

Yesterday, the regular match was the focus of Winamax .fres. Throughout Monday, the French division organized 27tournaments with five-figure prizes and distributed 666,000 euros Prizes. bbmbn73 was the best player of the day.

bmbn73 wins the double online prize crown

Three tournaments offer over €8,000 in prizes to the winners.

“bmbn73” won €250 HighRoller and won the biggest prize of the day: 12,063,20€. The same “bmbn73” also won the 50 Euro Prime Time , and received a further €8,397.26 and “terminator65” won 9 euros with a victory of 200,980.04 euros Bonus Battle Royale.

Largest prize pools

In terms of prize pools, fourtournaments exceed €40,000 Grand Prize:

  • Battle Royale (€51,000).
  • After hours 20 (€42,000).
  • Prime Time (€64,000).
  • HighRoller 250 (€50,000) .

BMW N73 wins High Roller and Winamax Primetime to...

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  • Abigail.leannon

    The text highlights the success of bbmbn73 in the Winamax .fres online poker tournament, winning multiple high-stakes events and accumulating significant prize money. Additionally, it mentions other notable winners and the large prize pools in various tournaments.

  • This text is a recap of the regular match held by Winamax .fres, detailing the various tournaments and their prize amounts. The highlight of the day was bbmbn73, who won the double online prize crown by securing victories in the €250 HighRoller and 50 Euro Prime Time tournaments, earning a total of over €20,000 in prizes.

  • This text describes the success of the online poker tournament organized by Winamax .fres in the French division, with several players winning significant cash prizes. The tournaments offered various prize pools, with some exceeding €40,000, making it a lucrative event for skilled players.

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