“AvocadoLeon” surpasses JJ, the flop is cruel to the anchor; listen

Faced with a 3-bet,

This Pair Jacks are without a doubt the most talked about poker hand of all players. Due to the “never keep everyone under control” syndrome, it’s hard to pull it out of a community that spawns so many memes. Some players even like to fold pre-flop, but depending on the situation, that’s completely nonsensical.

Don’t be superstitious about “Jack”, Suits Poker Team streamer and grinder is José Henrique, better known as “Avocado Leão” , he did just that on a Twitch show and ended up Created an interesting situation that he soon regretted.

He was designated the big blind when he entered a tournament on the Bodog website. The blinds were 1,250/2,500 and the hijacker raised to 5,700 in chips. The button called and the small blind raised to 27,550 in chips. Avocado Leão was very comfortable with 155,215 in chips and he made the move.

José Henrique thought for a moment and said to his audience: “Honestly, Raised with hair, flats, 3-bet, it’s a fold” Then he dropped his JJ sneakers and said, “That’s MDA Bodog, okay? It’s Advanced Advanced, Simple, Simple,” explains the choice of this move.

The action continues and the button calls a raise from the small blind. However, failure is the one that gets the most attention. At the table, It would be a foursome for “Avocado Leão,” laughing: “P** what a bad timing bro, how you folded a quad. No. ”

Faced with a 3-bet,

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