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Wynn Las Vegas Poker Room Offers Incredible GTD Bonuses

The Wynn Las Vegas Poker Room invites you to parti...

The Wynn Las Vegas Poker Room is pleased to welcome patrons to cash games and tournaments. The Poker Room continues to provide an unparalleled gaming experience in a friendly and comfortable environment. The following campaign types are available:

Wynn Millions
19. February to March 24.

The Wynn Millions returns with 42 events and more than $8.2 million in guaranteed prizes. The highlight of this year’s series is the $3,500 Championship with a guaranteed $3,000,000. Other highlight events include the Wynn Mystery Bounty, two premium events, the multi-day NLH 6 Max, Limit O/8, HORSE and several high roller events.

Wynn Signature Series

4-24. April.

The Wynn Signature Series features 27 events over 17 days. The series features two $500,000 guaranteed events, including the popular Mystery Bounty.

Daily Poker Tournaments

The popular Daily Tournaments are held twice a day outside of event hours, offering guaranteed prizes totaling $220,000 each week. The tournament includes a $40,000 NLH guaranteed rebuy on Friday and Sunday, as well as a $10,000 guaranteed event each night at 5 p.m. Click the link below to view the full schedule and structure.

Below you will find the official schedule with all the basic details about attending the Wynn Las Vegas Poker Room.

The Wynn Las Vegas Poker Room invites you to parti...

Santiago Trujillo takes the podium at 6-Man KSOP Progressive KO

Santiago Trujillo takes the podium at 6-Man KSOP P...

Santiago Trujillo deservedly climbed to third place in the 6-a-side KSOP Progressive KO event, earning a trophy and a cash prize of R$34,700. His compatriots Ezequiel Ferrety in seventh place and Giuseppe Calio in ninth place reached the final table with R$ 11,450 and R$ 8,000 respectively.

On the other hand, Marco “Salchicha” Aurélio Alves made it to the final table. He put his name among the winners of this KSOP stage. The São Paulo player has added another trophy to his long-standing collection.

Final Table Prize:

1° – Marco Aurélio “Salchicha” – R$ 125,200 2° – Rafael D’Orria – R$ 50,9503° – Santiago Trujillo (Argentina) – R$ 34,7004° – Luisa Orellana (Chile) – R$ 21,8005th place – Rafael Fernandez – R$ 14,2006th place – Renan Marcil – R$ 22,3007° – Ezequiel Ferrety (Argentina) – R$ 11,4508th place – Rafael Freire – R$ 7,6009th Place – Giuseppe Calio (Argentina) – R$ 8,000

Santiago Trujillo takes the podium at 6-Man KSOP P...

La Roja will not be part of the new PokerStars MicroMillions day

La Roja will not be part of the new PokerStars Mic...

Day 5 of the MicroMillions Series was played yesterday on PokerStars. Throughout the day, 10 other events of the program concluded. Once again, the Spanish participation score remains unchanged, in another triumphant day on the other side of the Pyrenees, where four new titles were added.

Brazil also overtook us in the general classification

After 54 events, it had been many festivals since the Spanish players had been outside the podium by nations, with the addition that the French now seem unreachable at this point:

1st France: 19 wins.

2nd Portugal: 13 wins.

3rd Brazil: 8 wins.

4th Spain: 7 wins.

5th Belarus: 2 wins.

Thursday’s results in multi-table tournaments

La Roja won a total of 16 victories in the MTTs yesterday. These were the Spanish winners on Wednesday:

“Mr.V4LLe” (PKO Turbo €10).

“J’ai Foi” (PKO turbo 10 €).

“futman112” (PKO 5 €).


“Way2do” (SuperStack 5 €).

“ifrasan” (Bounty Builder 5 €).

“JoaGya” (Bounty Builder 5 €).

“Irober04” (SuperStack 3 €).

“MrDraw78” (SuperStack 10 €).

“kamya 9” (Super Thursday Omaha 20 €).

“Iancastellon” (Daily Micro 1 €). *

“Juan83832” (Bounty Builder 10 €).

“DaniDJM” (PKO 1 €).

“Tigot28” (PKO Turbo 5 €).* “Tigot28” (PKO Turbo 5 €).

“naxmt” (PKO 50 €).

 “Txunni” (PKO 3 €). *

La Roja will not be part of the new PokerStars Mic...

BMW N73 wins High Roller and Winamax Primetime to secure online double

BMW N73 wins High Roller and Winamax Primetime to...

Yesterday, the regular match was the focus of Winamax .fres. Throughout Monday, the French division organized 27tournaments with five-figure prizes and distributed 666,000 euros Prizes. bbmbn73 was the best player of the day.

bmbn73 wins the double online prize crown

Three tournaments offer over €8,000 in prizes to the winners.

“bmbn73” won €250 HighRoller and won the biggest prize of the day: 12,063,20€. The same “bmbn73” also won the 50 Euro Prime Time , and received a further €8,397.26 and “terminator65” won 9 euros with a victory of 200,980.04 euros Bonus Battle Royale.

Largest prize pools

In terms of prize pools, fourtournaments exceed €40,000 Grand Prize:

  • Battle Royale (€51,000).
  • After hours 20 (€42,000).
  • Prime Time (€64,000).
  • HighRoller 250 (€50,000) .

BMW N73 wins High Roller and Winamax Primetime to...

Anniversary Sunday Million returns with $8 million guaranteed.

Anniversary Sunday Million returns with $8 million...

A date has been set for the next Anniversary Sunday Million. In 2024, the PokerStars flagship tournament will begin on April 7.

Following last year’s $7,900,000 payout, PokerStars has announced that the guaranteed prize pool has increased from $7,500,000 to $8,000,000. Likewise, winners leave the site’s tables with at least $1,000,000 in the prize pool in their balance.

The buy-in for the tournament remains at its original value: $215. From now on, you can grab a spot in several cheap satellites by paying at least $1. The site also offers coveted Anniversary Sunday Million tickets, valued at $1.50. Go’s.

Brazil is the country with the most titles in the tournament, winning three of the 15 editions. The first winner was Luis Felipe “Hulk9950” Tavera. In 2018, he defeated 43,974 opponents and earned $960,000.

Meanwhile, Alex “AAAArthur” Brito won the biggest event in Anniversary Sunday Million history. He beat 93,016 entrants and raised $1,192,806 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The final winner is Ricardo “RFN1986” Nagatomo. Last year, he won $1,000,000, beating 39,499 opponents.

Meet all the champions

Year Champion Prize Field Prize Pool

2023 Ricardo “RFN1986” Nagatomo (Brazil) $1,000,000 $39,500 $7,900,000 2022 “Blackbeaty” ” (Germany) $931,885 $52,120 $10,424,000 2021 Vanessa “Niffller” Kade (Canada) 1.5 14,920 $69, 8 76 $13,975,200 2020 Alex “AAAArthur” Brito (Brazil) $1,192,806 93,016 $18,603,20 0 2019 wangli0402 (China) $611,944 $61,342 $12,268,400 2018 “Daenary s T ” (Netherlands) $1,000,043 $56,310 11,262,000 2018 Luis Felipe “Hulk9950” Taveira (Brazil) $960,000 43,975 $10,000 ,000 2,017 BRAYDEN93” (Mexico) $597,719 50,432 $10,086, 400 2014 “DrUPSWING“ (Germany) 1,038,540 $ 46,586 9,317, $200 2013 “benislovas” (Lithuania ) $848,589 $49,287 9,857,400 $2,012 “slyfox151” (Netherlands) $480,761.38 $33,732 $6,746,400 2011 Luke “Bdbeatslayer” Vrabel (USA) 671. 093 $59,128 $11,825,600 2007 Year “Zeddor” (Denmark) $271,106 $10,508 $2,101,600

Anniversary Sunday Million returns with $8 million...

Can you afford to lose $300,000 on Bodog?

Can you afford to lose $300,000 on Bodog?

Are you ready to play the $300,000 game at Bodog?

Sunday’s special will once again take place in the anonymous player’s favorite room. Between the Main Event and the High Roller, the guaranteed prize pool is $300,000.

The $300,000 Bodog guarantees that with specials every Sunday. These tournaments bring together different players every week who dream of grabbing the lion’s share of the main events and high rollers.

Main event starts from 5:00 pm to 2:00 pm , $162 entrants are guaranteed a $200,000 prize. As is customary with Bodog, you can qualify through $1 satellites.

The high roller tournament starts at 7:00 pm and 4:00 pm with an entry fee of $325 and a prize pool of $100,000.

Can you afford to lose $300,000 on Bodog?

Sergio Fernández takes on YoH ViraL and Dan Smith in WPT World Championship SHR ​​$200/$400 Cash Game

Sergio Fernández takes on YoH ViraL and Dan Smith...

Today we present to you a very special cash game in which a Spanish player will compete against world-class stars in a cash game themed around one of the biggest events of the year, the WPT World Championship .

As part of the live broadcast from Wynn Las Vegas, there will be several cash games before the main event begins, the most notable of which will feature blinds of $200/$400

To our delight and yours, our specialist Sergio Fernandez “Serfe”, who we know from his past as a live pro and other programs such as the Winamax Live Sessions, has won a seat and will be playing 150bb against a varied selection of opponents including former tournament number 1 Dan Smith, French youtuber Johan Guilbert or the British pro recently moved to the United States Alex Spencer, known for his aggressive style at the table.

Sergio Fernández takes on YoH ViraL and Dan Smith...

Boris Kolev wins WSOP Paradise 6-Max title

Boris Kolev wins WSOP Paradise 6-Max title

Playing WSOP Paradise wasn’t in Boris Kolev’s plans, but after winning the festival package at the GGPoker tables, he decided to trade it with the festival for the first week of the WPT World Championship at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas.

In Event 6: 6 Hands of $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em, the Bulgarian player defeated 755 entrants to win $424,550.

Kolev spent much of his time at FT battling against Australian Daniel Nelson. The inevitable showdown between the two is about balance. The more experienced Kolev made a comeback and won his second gold bracelet.

On the final hand, Nelson made an open shove with 19 BBS and saw Kolev call with J♣10♣. With K♥Q♣, Kolev flopped 7♥8♠9♦ with a straight. In round 6, Neilson was tied and relinquished the title.

WSOP Paradise has awarded a total of $2,265,000 in prizes. See how much each finalist earned:

1. Boris Kolev (Bulgaria) $424,550

2. Daniel Nelson (Australia) $259,100

3. Fabian Bernhauser (Austria) $177,000

4. Mark Burford (USA) $123,200

5. Cristian Nagaki (UK) $87,300

6. Jeremy Izquierdo (France) $63,100

Boris Kolev wins WSOP Paradise 6-Max title

Francisco Benitez: ‘I lived my dream through poker’

Francisco Benitez: 'I lived my dream through poker...

Hand to Hand is back, with CodigoPoker the usual cycle of interviews shared with the great exponents of the mind sport, fleet personalities we follow day in and day out, personally and a virtual wipe, this time we’re bringing them closer to everyone through screens and microphones. It was Francisco Benitez live for an hour.

The 32-year-old Uruguayan visited us in Vienna, where he was with his friend Nacho Barbero, caused quite a stir in London Triton. charrúa is leaving but prefers to stay in the Austrian online game.

But he will be packing again as he heads to Ibiza for a week on holiday before heading to Barcelona for the EPT where he picked up his shovel last year. Because he is also striking in his current robes.

Cocktails consisted of friends and old he emphasized in poker. “I really enjoy traveling, seeing new places and new things, opening up and sharing with friends. It’s one of the best things in life.”

Benitez also talked about a punch card incident with Chance Kornuth at the WSOP

As a kid, he played other cardsto pursue his fantasies and goals; in the end, he filled them with aces, kings, and queens. “When I was 12, it was a teenager’s dream to play Magic all over the world, live with the game, and travel, but I couldn’t make it through Magic and ended up doing it with poker,” he said. explain.

In this article we delve into the life of the man nicknamed Tomatee, VapaCooler, and today he is just FranBenitez91 of 4Poker, the place he represents, and as such Recommended software for its accessibility. By the way, he gave us 10 tickets to a $44 tournament on Sunday in the above room. All you have to do is write an article on Twitter and watch our interviews on YouTube and Twitch. You can also do this on Instagram by following the post’s instructions.

Francisco Benitez: 'I lived my dream through poker...

No Latin Americans in Barcelona’s main events

No Latin Americans in Barcelona's main events

The European Poker Tour (EPT) which concluded this Sunday at Barcelona Casino reached its climax in the European afternoon with Simon Wiciak winning the coveted trophy and won seven-figure money after defeating three Latin Americans, the most famous of which was Brazilian João Sydenstricker who still holds Second place.

The intense seven-day Main Event attracted 2,120 entrants and an attractive prize pool of 10 282,000 among the The best distribution was 303 players.

EPT Barcelona Main Event winner Simon Wiciak.

Latin America’s hopes grew until the final table with Ezequiel Waigel, Andre Akkari and João Sydenstricker, after The player actually fought until the end and became the farthest player, remaining in second place with €1,048,550 in prize money after the deal. His compatriot, PokerStars Pro, is fifth with €393,300, while the Argentinian is sixth with €302,500.

No Latin Americans in Barcelona's main events

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