A long-awaited casino in Argentina is about to reopen

A long-awaited casino in Argentina is about to reo...

Games and entertainment on Buenos Aires’ waterfront are slowly reclaiming their place. Necochea has been joined by Mar del Plata’s famed Casino Central this year, along with several other casinos in La Felice and Summer Resort, which have seen huge increases in revenue and are now rumored to be opening another casino in a key area Representative of the region: Mar de Ajó.

After being closed for three years, the grounds at the center of this summer resort are undergoing renovation work. It will reopen in September.

According to local media Entre Líneas, the union of workers in the industry said construction work had begun on the 22 Espora Street building to allow for the reopening of the casino.

Mar de Ajó Casino Opening Soon

“There’s not much time left for gaming rooms to reopen. From a job source perspective, we think it’s very important“, Administrative, Craft and Casino Services Industry Association Secretary General Roberto Páez explained.

In 2018, the government of former Governor María Eugenia Vidal decided to close the casinos in Mar de Ajó, Valeria del Mar and Necochea, a measure implemented for the 2020 season, the Costa Party case It’s finally over.

“When Vidal announced the measure, unions staged a series of protests because we were not sure what would happen to our colleagues. Because of this, we did not succeed in 2019.As a result of the pandemic, the building has deteriorated significantly, and today we face the concrete possibility of reopening,” Paez said.

Casino Mar de Ajó used to operate here

He explained: “We worked with There was a meeting between the provincial circuit and the casino director, who of course confirmed this in September 1.” The room will be open. Work is in full swing. The truth is, we have come a long way to achieve the long-desired reopening.

In a conversation with Radio News, union leaders pointed to the work that will take place in the building where the Mar de Ajó casino will reopen. “We’re working hard to get the place ready. Of course, we know it’s not the best place, it has to move, we have to find alternative spaces, but at the same time, the opening of this casino seems very important to us , and that’s why we’re excited. ” said Paez.

The workers also said they would hold meetings with the Instituto Province de Loterías authorities

A long-awaited casino in Argentina is about to reo...


  • This text discusses the reopening of casinos in Buenos Aires and the positive impact it will have on the gaming industry and job opportunities. It highlights the renovation work being done at the Mar de Ajó casino and the excitement among workers for its reopening.

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