Good writing isn’t just about putting words on paper (or the screen). It’s about moving your audience in such a way that they want to take action – love your brand, buy your product, recommend it to other people. Storytelling is one of the most persuasive ways to get your point across, and there’s lots of evidence that says it’s more effective than relying on a big data dump. Neuroscientists have found that engaging stories impact more areas of the brain than rational, data-driven messages.

Stanford marketing professor Jennifer Aaker says that “our brains are not hard-wired to understand logic or retain facts for very long. Our brains are wired to understand and retain stories. A story is a journey that moves the listener, and when the listener goes on that journey they feel different and the result is persuasion and sometimes action.”

That’s why New Moon Marketing Communications focuses on writing that motivates and inspires – whether it’s a blog entry or a marketing plan. Connecting with and moving your audience is our goal.

Our services include writing for Advertising, Direct Mail, Newsletters, Brochures, Magazines, Presentations, Social Media,

Strategy Plans, Web Sites, Email, and White Papers, plus any other writing assignments your company needs – big or small.