You’re a small to mid-sized business and you need a winning marketing strategy

June 26, 2015

Marketing tactics come and go (remember snail mail or Yellow Page advertising?), but strong strategies will never go out of style. Developing a marketing is like finger painting – it’s messy and requires vision if you don’t want to end up with a blob of brown paint.

We can provide strategic plans to meet a variety of business needs including: Campaign Development, Loyalty and Retention Programs, New Program Development, New Product Launches, Promotional Plans, Special Event Plans, and Strategic Marketing Plans.

Our tried-and-true marketing planning process is driven by insights derived from consumers as well as your own company data. Balancing this qualitative and quantitative information, we’ll conduct a competitive review and will provide you with a strong plan. Your plan will include strategies and tactics designed to bring your brand to life. We’ll deliver the plan for you to implement or you can work with our marketing consortium to execute your plan.

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